Specific e-learning created by UETMT is based on the client plant / operation / location requirement. Specific subject content to provide underpinning knowledge of equipment, process, operation, etc. at client location

Modules are created:

  • Using standard template and methodology
  • Created to be useful (value), usable (easy to use across platforms and by user), sustainable (can be updated by the client or through the UETMT update program), AND sustainable (client can update as required)

For most plant and field-based operations, for operators and maintenance technicians, this is the most valuable of learning opportunities.

Created with the learner in mind, enabling them to obtain underpinning knowledge before they start their On-Job Training.

When they go to the plant / field (not the best environment to learn the basics) they already know the equipment, how it works, troubleshooting, etc. and the OJT can focus on the important hands-on aspects.

UETMT can help you build cost-effective and sustainable site-specific learning modules.

All e-learning can include Question Banks both for ‘confidence check’ for trainee during the learning and as a final ‘assessment’.