Group of male and female businesspeople at video conference

The value of an instructor-led event is that the trainees are able to ask questions to enhance their understanding of the subject, and with a good instructor and well-structured course the learning will be far greater than for a self-led event such as e-learning.

Our courses are designed to be:

Participative: Encouraging lively participant interaction, discussion and peer-to-peer learning.
Hands-on and practical: Learning that focuses on the how-to, and achieves a balance between theoretical input and practical application in the workplace.
Action-oriented: Providing people with the inspiration to take action.
Varied: Using a combination of learning media, individual and group activities
Relevant and meaningful in its consequences
Challenging: You will be encouraged to face up to the demands of the job roles you may be given
Enjoyable: People learn best when they are enjoying themselves

All our courses can be customized to your needs in terms of content, such as case studies. We can also adjust the time-period for the course. UETMT offers courses in the following subject groups: