Ayman Meneassy

Vice Chairman

Competency Management

Ayman has more than 35-years experience as a competency thought-leader. He has led a large number of competency development implementations, especially in the Middle East region. As a senior business leader he understands the business case and business value of developing a competent national workforce.

Ken Delve

Principal Consultant

Competency, HR, Leadership, L&D

Ken has 35-years experience as a leader, competency expert and trainer, and played a lead role in introduction of competency-based training in Oil & Gas and military. Devised and implemented the ‘agile competency frameworks’ and ‘4 Pillars of Competency’ methodologies, along with competency Solutions development and implementation. ‘People Skills’ development – devise and implement structures and facilitate workshops; instructor and training development expert.

Magdy Hozayen

Director of Applied Geo-sciences 

Director of Applied Geo-sciences & Consultant

Magdy has more than 38 years of experience in G&G with the Oil & Gas Industry. He received appreciation certificates from ADNOC- Research and Development Oil subcommittee R&D Subcommittee, for his outstanding contribution, dedication and personal commitments during 2010 Activities,

Training Division Manager

Training Manager

Training Manager

A professionally experienced Training Manager with over 20+ years of extensive experience in Technical & Management Training within the Oil & Gas Industry; with a proven record in leading & integrating International & National Companies.

Jenny Henary

Projects Manager

Competency Management and Training

With over 17 years’ experience working with international companies. Focused on Delivery Excellence. Experienced in Back-Office Operation, Projects Management, Project Coordination and SQA Center Coordinator

Kosie Kang

Leadership, Human Resource & Management Specialists

Leadership, Human Resource & Management Specialists

Josie is an experienced HR Consultant. She was an ex-Senior Principal Consultant with Accenture Singapore, and has accumulated over 20 years of leadership development, HR strategy, talent management, change management and facilitation experience.

Per Palmer

CEO Comaea

Competency Development and Management.

Per has 25+ years of expertise in developing and implementing software solutions for competency, training and performance.

Anis Jarrar

Competency Specialists

Competency Specialists

27 years of collective experience in Business Development, Project Management, Change Management and international experience in Human Resources function. Possess experience in dealing with multicultural diversity & culture. E-Learning Solutions Advisor certified by PetroSkils- Houston. Certified in HR based competency profiling by HRSG, Ottawa Certified in HR based competency management system by IHRDC- Boston.

Carol Barron

Leadership, Strategic Planning & Management Specialists

Leadership, Strategic Planning & Management Specialists

Carol is a successful Senior Consultant in learning & development with a professional background as MENA Regional Hub Director and Head of Learning and Development with major UK and US Universities and Corporations.  Carol has worked for over 20 years in the MENA region, West Africa, the USA, UK and Europe.

Mike Noel-Smith

Senior Consultant

Competency Management

Mike is an experienced, energetic and highly adaptable management professional with a proven track record of success within corporate, military, B2B environments and International Sports teams.. Results orientated and focused on delivering full life cycle projects particularly in the management skills of Leadership, Team Development, Coaching, Analysis, Evaluation, Assessment and Training.

Ben Polski-Delve

Senior Consultant

Compliance, HSE, Maintenance and Operations

Ben has 20+ years experience of Maintenance and Operations, Developing and implementing Competency and compliance solutions. Specialist in HSE compliance and training, especially for plant and Rig Operations.

Andrew Weavill

Senior Consultant

Andy has 35- years experience as a leader, performance consultant and expert facilitator of learning; lead role in introduction of competency-based training and instruction for a range of organizations. Broad base of General Management and Operational experience gained within the Private Sector.