What is a Learning Solution?

A Learning Solution (LS) is a method of developing the appropriate level of individual competency as identified to move a person from an Approved level of competence to a Target Level of competence.

Development Methods

  • Theory learning


    Course – Classroom (Internal and External)

    Lesson Plan

  • Work Experience / On-Job Training

    Flexible to include projects, assignments, Conferences/Courses if needed

  • Knowledge Management (KM)

    Capturing knowledge and expertise (competency profiles)

    Sharing knowledge and experience (e.g. knowledge library, etc.

Trained Workforce or Competent Workforce?

Competency-based training means Learning Solutions that address all levels of the competence requirement, and not just the theory (underpinning knowledge) that is delivered by most courses.

As part of competency-based development, UETMT’s Learning Solutions cover

  • Blended learning to close gaps
  • Courses – e-learning – OJT – coaching – etc.
  • Knowledge Management (KM)

In general we should always aim to create learning solutions that are useful, usable and sustainable.

UETMT works with clients to review, assign or develop any required Learning Solutions. We also offer a comprehensive set of e-learning and training courses.