Geological and Reservoir Services / Studies

UETMT integrated teams of Geologists, Geophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, Facilities Engineers and Economists utilize a wide range of advanced software systems including Landmark, Geographic IESX, and Charisma-Reservoir Engineering, Eclipse- black oil and multi-component.

These will provide complete answers to problems connected with Prospect Evaluation, Reserve Evaluation, and Evaluation Field Development.  UETMT also offers QC for Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing. Our teams are well experienced and well acquainted with the latest. A range of typical studies is shown here.

Geophysics Study

  • 3D seismic data review
  • Multi-parameter seismic inversion
  • Seismic Facies distribution analysis for well drilling
  • Prediction of best development area for production
  • Natural Fracture prediction and fracture occurrence evaluation
  • Reservoir comprehensive prediction and evaluation
  • Hydrocarbon detection

Petrophysics Study

  • Conventional & FMI, NMR logging interpretation
  • Reservoir Petrophysics Interpretation

Geology Study

  • Structural analysis
  • Core sampling for Lab experiment
  • Depositional environment and facies study
  • Diagenesis Study for reservoir characterization
  • Impact of diagenesis on reservoir characterization
  • Pay zones reservoir heterogeneity analysis

Fracture characterization

  • Fracture Data gathering processing review and optimization
  • Fracture characterization
  • Fracture prediction and fracture Zones evaluation

Geo-modeling / Static Model

  • 3D geological model initiation and update
  • Upscaling

Reservoir Engineering and Dynamic Modeling

In-situ stress study

  • In-situ cores sampling and laboratory analysis
    • The direction of Principal stress
    • The magnitude of Principal stress
    • Breakdown pressure determination by core test
    • Stress profile

Integrated drilling and completion study for pilot well

  • Drilling Study
  • Well Completion Proposal

Stimulation and Artificial Lift Optimization

  • Stimulation Technique Feasibility Optimization
  • Stimulation Method Selection
  • Parameters Optimization and Stimulation Program Design
  • Artificial Lift Study and Design

Pilot Well Geological Prognosis