An internal Learning Solution delivered by an SME/On-Job Trainer in the workplace.

ALL Skilled and Expert levels of a Competence Unit have a Work Experience LS. Some Knowledge levels, if they include ‘doing’ verbs may have a WE, or it may be covered by a Lesson Plan.

UETMT develops WE documents based on the competencies, which are included in the generic Learning Solutions of our Competency Libraries.

These are then enhanced with the client by adding Task Details to provide such detail as:

  • How many times does the trainee need to do the task to achieve the competence level of the WE?
  • What specific named equipment does the trainee need to work on?
  • What specific procedures or action does the trainee need to work?
  • What assignments are required?

The specific type of Work Experience / OJT is customized to the client and depends on the outcomes required and the capability to deliver the learning.

UETMT also provides consultants to develop and deliver workplace learning.