United Eastern/Comaea CMS

UE/Comaea CMS solutions for Competency-based Human Capital  & Talent Management enable organisations to effectively manage the competency, capability and capacity of their people.

Using UE/Comaea you assess, analyze and develop competence, align employees to business strategies and uncover insights that drive business performance at all levels.

The UE/Comaea solutions are easy to use, scalable and agile to meet the challenges of strategic people  management.

Industry Solutions standardized and customized

Data and SSO Integration with ERP/HR systems (SAP, Oracle)

Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud infrastructure

Implementation through network of consultants specialized in competency-based Talent and Human Capital Management.

Our strategic alliance Comaea: World leading CMS,  Simple, Scalable and Secure.

  • Competency Assessment and Analysis
  • Certification & Compliance
  • Career & Succession
  • Learning & Development
  • Workforce Planning

Cloud-based Comaea CMS

UE/Comaea CMS Assessment to Development Plan

UE/Comaea CMS Assessment to Development Plan

One typical use of UE/Comaea is:

  • Assessment of competence against assigned job competencies
  • Gap Analysis of difference between current competence and Job Level Required Competence
  • Decision on which gaps to close (need vs. opportunity)
  • Assigning Learning Solutions in Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Tracking IDP completion and updating competence

All supported by dashboards and reporting

“ It’s surprising how the whole process is giving us many new insights. With the help of Comaea’s competency tool we now use the resources in more accurate way, and it saves money for us.

The process has given us more than I ever expected! I have now realized that strategic competence work is not an HR solution, but a three-step-solution with the right competence tool, right solutions and the right competence framework.”

HR Director Power & Energy

UE/Comaea CMS Certification and Qualification Tracking

UE/Comaea CMS Certification and Qualification Tracking

As part of managing competency, companies are increasingly required to:

  • Demonstrate (prove) the compliance of their workforce with regulatory and other mandated certifications and qualifications
  • Comaea provides a simple, effective and powerful tool for managing this key business need. Companies need to know if their personnel are certified, qualified, current for such reasons as:
    • Regulation – Compliance – License to Operate – Duty of Care … and so on…

The Comaea Certification Module can be used to assign, track and manage:

  • HSE Matrix Technical qualifications
  • Licences
  • Operational qualifications, such as plant operator certification