People Skills

Course Approach:

An approach to learning that is one of Balance: balance between the academic, the formally taught classroom element, with exercises and scenarios, and practice. But the scales are biased towards the practical whenever possible. Our courses offer a proven blend of brain friendly, appreciative and experiential learning approaches.

An approach that encourages participants to live the learning Experience: once the participants have been focused on the knowledge, skills or attitudes under consideration they are presented with a structured and shared learning experience relevant to the concepts and skills being studied. As a result of the experience participants are helped to develop a shared understanding of their experience and the practices and values that lead to success. Based on this understanding participants are encouraged to explore their work environment to discover where the learning can be implemented. Finally participants develop action plans to ensure transfer of learning to the workplace.

Designed To:

  • Participative: encouraging lively participant interaction, discussion and peer-to-peer learning
  • Hands-on and Practical: learning that focuses on the how-to, and achieves a balance between theoretical input and practical application in the workplace.
  • Action-oriented: providing people with the inspiration to take action
  • Varied: using a combination of learning media, individual and group activities
  • Relevant and meaningful in its consequences

Course List: Leadership and Management

In the volatile, uncertain and complex times of the energy business, good management and leadership is the key to success. The following courses are designed to help supervisors and managers in your organization gain the essential competencies required to raise your organization’s performance to higher levels of success.

Leadership and Management Days Leadership and Management Days
Advanced issues in Strategic Planning 2 Six Sigma Yellow Belt  
Building a high Performance Team 5 Six Sigma Green Belt  
Team Workout 3 Six Sigma Black Belt  
Step up to Management, effective management for supervisors and team leaders 3 Six Sigma Project Team Member  
Developing a culture of safety in the workplace 2 Six Sigma: Executive Introduction  
Developing productive working relationships 2 Six Sigma: Awareness  
Developing strategic thinkers 1 Six Sigma: Introduction  
Developing yourself and others 5 Project Management 5
Fundamentals of strategic planning and decision making 4 Time management 5
Ultimate performance management 5 Introduction to the Balanced scorecard 3
Leading change 2 Communicating for Effect 5
Leading innovation and creativity 3 Delivering customer service excellence 5
Managing for peak performance 3 Introduction to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) 2
Managing for results 5 Media handling 3
Managing Quality 3 Public relations 2
Mentoring and coaching for improved performance 5 Stakeholder management 2
Solving problems and making decisions 2 Influencing Skills for managers 2

Course List: Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is essential for sustained success and provides a measurable return on learning The following courses are designed to help people develop key competencies required for self-mastery and to elevate their impact as individuals, in teams, and in the organization.

Personal Effectiveness Days Personal Effectiveness Days
Developing habits of personal effectiveness and self-mastery 3 Writing an effective scope of works 3
Emotional Intelligence 5 Professional Business and technical communication 5
Growing accountability for results 5 Customer Service Excellence 2
NLP the difference that makes the difference 5 Customer Service Excellence for Managers 3
Business Writing 3    

Course List: Training and Development

Globalization, complexity, uncertainty, emerging technologies, and different generations in the workforce all fuel the need for constant learning and development. The following courses are designed to help people build knowledge and skills to manage and deliver learning experiences with bottom-line impact and relevance to the organization’s workforce.

Training and Development Days Training and Development Days
Train the trainer (Foundation) 5 Identification and analysis of learning needs 3
Train the trainer (Master Class) 5 Competency development and management 4
Train the trainer (OJT Skills) 3 Training Management 5
Technical writing for training 5 Assessing competence in the workplace 4

Course List: Human Resources

Now, more than ever before HR professionals must adopt roles that actively drive improvements in business performance. The following courses are designed to equip HR professionals with essential knowledge and skills to be able to design and deliver HR practices that have a positive impact on workforce performance, and make a contribution to the business objectives of the organization.

Human Resources Days Human Resources Days
HR Training Management 10 HR Audit 3
Competency Based HRM 1 Management of L&D Programs 10
HR Strategy 3 Social Development theory and practice 3
Recruitment and selection 2 HR Program (15 Day) 15
Work Force Planning and Talent Management 2 HR Program (20 Day) 20