Executive Summary
The Oil and Gas Industry's drive towards International Standards of Performance, Nationalization of Personnel, aging workforce demographics, and shrinking workforce has initiated a major shift in how to train and develop the global workforce. By implementing Competency Management Systems, Organizations can more closely manage the Competence of Individuals from the time they are hired as entry-level employees through their Professional Development until retirement. UETMT's CMS integrates the Job Competency requirements with learning and Development Resources to ensure Training Budgets are spent in an efficient manner.

Competency Management is an evergreen Process that includes two main Elements once the System has been implemented: Assessment & Verification and Learning & Development. In the Assessment Stage employees are assessed against the requirements of the job. From the assessment, Skills and Competencies are identified that are lacking, called “gaps”, and then individual learning and development plans are built to close those gaps. The employees then attend training courses or other learning events and then reenter the workplace to practice what they have learned. Finally the employees are reassessed to ensure they can apply the new skills to the workplace.

This entire Competency Management System (CMS) is designed and customized to the specific Organization, taking into account the organization's or business unit's culture and norms, during the Planning and Design stage, Assessment, reporting, provides role-specific tools to help facilitate the entire Process.

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